How to Manage Your Hair over the Hot Australian Summer

With the sun shining and those warm breezes, summer in Australia is definitely the best time of year – except when it comes to your hair. The heat and intense UV exposure can leave your locks looking dry, frizzy, and dull, unless you know how to take care of your hair over the summer like a pro.

Want to maintain a gorgeous lustre and keep your hair in great condition this season? Be proactive and give your hair everything it needs to stay healthy and shiny all summer long.

Hair Treatments to Beat Summer Dryness

Why can summer be so detrimental to hair? Everyone knows that a few days of sand and sun can leave what was once a beautiful sheen looking burnt. What happens during the warmer months is that the protective coating, the hydrolipidic film, gets broken down by UV rays, as well as salt water and chlorine. The more this protective layer gets destroyed, the more dehydrated your hair will look and feel.

To prevent moisture loss, you can protect your hair with moisturising treatments, such as conditioning hair masks and nourishing hot oil treatments. You can use over-the-counter hair masks or natural oils, like nutrient- and antioxidant-rich coconut or olive oils. These treatments will replenish hair deep at the shaft, helping to stop dehydration before it starts. Aside from regular deep conditioning treatments, consider switching to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner over the summer.

Experts recommend getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to manage split ends. Once ends become split, they will continue making your hair more brittle and weak until they are cut off.

How to Manage Your Hair with Colour

If your hair has been coloured, then it is even more vulnerable. Colour treatments act to strip away the protective layer just as much as the sun and salt water. In general, the lighter your shade, the more damage the sun and surf can do.

You can also add a couple drops of a moisturising oil such as argan oil or a silk protein to your hair before drying and styling.

Managing Your Hair while Travelling over the Summer

When travelling, you are likely paying more attention to soaking up each moment rather than taking care of your hair. Before you know it, the holiday is over and your locks look fried and dried out. You can prevent this by giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment before you go and purchasing a high quality UV protector, especially if you plan on being outdoors for most of your trip.

For days at the beach, coat your hair with a leave-in conditioner or other moisturiser. This will protect your hair while you are relaxing in the sun or having fun in the water.

How to Manage Your Hair while Going Out

Even when the sun’s not shining, you should still take extra care of your hair during the summer months. Before going out to enjoy those sultry summer evenings or getting ready for the big New Year’s Eve bash, be considerate of your hair when styling. Use the cool setting on your hair dryer instead of blow drying your hair with damaging heat. Opt for natural styling agents instead of chemical hair sprays and mousse. Add a couple drops of a moisturising oil such as argan oil to the tips of your hair before drying and styling to help prevent damage.

The summer doesn’t have to translate into dry, brittle, dull hair. With a gentler hair care regimen and regular moisturising treatments, your locks can look and feel brilliant this summer!