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Our Services

Rest assured you will be in expert hands when you come to us for your hairdressing needs. We believe in delivering quality finishes every time. Our products have been carefully selected for the wellbeing of our clients, without compromising colour or shine.

Our team of qualified stylists are here to help you to achieve your personalised style.

Find Your Cut

Adult cuts include wash and finger dry. Blow dry finish at add-on price. No reduced price for GHD.

Adult Cut$ 50 - $80

Child Cut $ 30 - $48

Choose Your Styling

Based on length of hair, short is at level of jaw, medium is not touching shoulders and long is at mid back.

Extra long charge applies upon consultation.

Blow Dry S$ 40 | M $55 | L $70

GHD Straightening from S $ 40 | M $55 | L $70

GHD Curlingfrom S $ 60 | M $70 | L $80

UpstylingPrice upon Consultation .

Find Your Colour

Regrowth is considered to be 2.5 cm or 1 inch.

All over colour allowance for short hair 40g, medium hair 50g, long hair 60g.

Extra product or colour required will be charged at per gram cost

Towel dry included.

Regrowth from $ 98

All over coveragefrom S $98 | M $118 |L $138


Find Your Dimension

Included is lightener and towel dry.

Lightener allowance for short hair is 40g, medium hair is 50g and long hair is 60g.

Extra charge for colour, toner and additional lightener at per gram cost.

Balayage from $ 165

Foils Part from $ 115

Foils Half Headfrom $ 155

Foils Full Headfrom $ 185

Design Your Service

Add on to any other service.

Cut$ 68

Dry offS $20| M $30 |L $ 40

Blow dry from S $35| M $45 |L $ 55

GHD from $ 18

Treatment from $ 35

Permanent Waves

Ammonia-free and ceramic technologies to achieve enhanced thickness, volume, body and incredible shine.

Permsfrom $ 180



Ammonia free making it a more gentle process for your hair.

$ 400



Valid everyday. Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Seniors Ladies Cut & Blowdry

Seniors Ladies cut & shampoo


Book Your Appointment Today

Feel free to give us a call on
02 8095 8801 or book online using the link below.

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